Based in the CBD of Wānaka, we celebrate working hard, working together and having a good time while doing it.

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Purpose built for people like us.

A shared workspace is a chance to work with likeminded people, in a creative and productive environment. We believe your workspace should be a comfortable and welcoming place, that allows you to make the most of the day. However that may look to you.

We have lockers, a kitchen, showers/bathrooms to use post bike/ski/run, our in-house cafe Alleyway serving Allpress coffee, fresh sandwiches and delicious cookies
It's our dream spot to work from and there's plenty of space for you too.

Take a look.


As well as desk space and 110% increase in productivity, General Service has been made to facilitate:

• Events / talks
• Showroom / gallery
• Exhibitions
• Meeting room rentals

  • One-Day

    Roll in. Set up. Grab a brew. Leave a mess (ideally not) and buzz off.

    The perfect solution to get a feel for our place. Pay online or on the day and enjoy your work. Open hours from 7:30am -5pm


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  • 5- Day Flexible Pass

    Don't know when you will be working or just want to pop in from time to time? Grab a Flexible Pass and come on in at your leisure. Open hours from 7:30am - 5pm.


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  • One Month

    Full-time all the time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You're the gibscrews and paint that hold the place together and the heart of the General Service home. Access to all amenities included.


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  • Meeting Room

    Guaranteed good outcomes when using the GS meeting room - as stated by previous users.
    Pitch your ideas with no one to eaves-drop, have your team meetings and present your ideas. Whatever it is you need to get it done.

    Wifi • Smart TV • Seats for 6.

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  • Is Wifi included?

    Yes, quick as.

    Do I have to book a hotdesk or can I just turn up?

    You can just turn up! However, we recommend booking prior as seats will fill up faster than Sam on the Moccamaster.

    Can I come for a coffee?

    Definitely, we are lucky to have The Good Spot coffee window on site to keep the team running. Swing by for a brew, but don't be suprised if the paywave machine gets thrown on your lap after ~15mins.

    Can I bring a client for a meeting?

    Of course! The meeting room is available to be booked for as many hours you need - bearing in mind others who might need it too of course.

    Can I bring my dog?

    Dogs are welcome to come for a quick coffee but in the name of productivity they are to be outside only.

    Are your prices GST inclusive?

    Yip, no hidden costs.

  • Can I share a plan with a friend? 

    Yes, anything's possible - hit us up and we can tailor something to suit.

    Will you be open late?

    We will be open from 8:30-5 with after-hours access on request.

    Do you have running water?

    We do, unlike our last space we are lucky enough to have a fully operational kitchen and bathroom facilities - get the full tour here.

    Is it loud?

    No, while there is a social element of co-working we do have productivity at the forefront. Enjoy relaxed tunes (to take the pin-drop element away), while you lock in to your business.

    Can I host an event in the space?

    Yes! Hit us up and we can make a package that suits you. See event hire information here.

    Is it true Sam Baker only eats oats?


Terms & Conditions

  • - If you sign up and feel you need to leave before your term is up, we will require a 2 week Cancellation Fee.

    - Payments are to made on a Monday, on a weekly basis please.