Alleyway Build

In search of easier lunch breaks, we built ourselves a deli.

  • Sick of forgetting out lunch, the only sensible solution we could come up with was was opening our own deli.

    We ran our idea through a hi-tech 3D modelling computer software and before we knew it the vision was right before us.

    Alleyway, a Walk-Through Sandwich & Coffee House.

We wanted to build everything we could ourselves, with limited space we needed to ensure every piece was well thought out, fit perfectly and helped to run the joint efficiently.

A few cans of spray paint, some sheets of ply, hours on the welder, a new table saw, and some Facebook Marketplace deals later and we were almost there.

The space wouldn't have been complete without a lick of orange paint over the LaMarzocco, thanks to our friends at Allpress Coffee.

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With the workspace open during the day, we worked hard at night.
Many hands made light work with friends coming past to help us menu test, stamp cups and hammer in nails.

We hustled all hours into darkness right up until the night before opening.

Sam and Chris finished up for the night at 4.30am, almost crossing paths with Nat and Brooke on their way to kick to doors open to the Wanaka public.

Alleyway Emporium. Eat Well, Eat Often.

Natalie, Brooke, Patrick, Chris, Tony & Sam.