Welcome to General Service. A shared workspace with a focus on productivity, collaboration and lifestyle. Please make yourself at home.

General Service is the culmination of 5 Wānaka friends, each of whom began 'running their own ships' at about the same time. They found that although working in an array of different fields, productivity worked better in a shared environment through holding each other accountable and providing sounding boards for new ideas.

General Service embodies thinking outside the box, thinking practically and laterally. We look to shake up the preconceived ‘work sucks’ idea and create a space that you genuinely look forward to arriving at each morning.

General Service started in a shed that was GS 1.0 and eventually moved onwards to 17 Dunmore St. Wānaka. What was then a blank canvas, we procceeded to make it into a space destined for everyone.

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  • One-Day

    Roll in. Set up. Grab a brew. Leave a mess (ideally not) and buzz off.

    The perfect solution to get a feel for our place. Pay online or on the day and enjoy your work. Open hours from 8am -5pm


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  • 5- Day Flexible Pass

    Don't know when you will be working or just want to pop in from time to time? Grab a Flexible Pass and come on in at your leisure. Open hours from 8am - 5pm.


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  • Resident

    Full-time all the time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You're the gibscrews and paint that hold the place together and the heart of the General Service home. Access to all amenities included.


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